Our summer study abroad program is in Bologna, at the oldest university in Europe whose alumni include Dante, Thomas Becket, Copernicus, and Pasolini. The University is located in the heart of Bologna’s beautifully preserved historical center. Students savor the daily pleasures of buying fresh mozzarella or tortellini in the city’s famous food markets, strolling through some 20 miles of elegant porticos,or mingling with other students in the Piazza Maggiore. Bologna is a very student-friendly city. The city is centrally-located and well-connected by air and rail so all of Italy and the rest of Europe is at your fingertips! Students who join our summer study abroad program can take Intermediate Italian 211 and 212 or two Italian culture classes that will all count for an Italian minor or major. For more information, check out thiswebsite: www.utkbologna.weebly.com or email  amariani@utk.edu.